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About CHPC2024

Decarbonization of thermal energy is one common challenge of humanity, and heat pump will play an important role for carbon-neutrality. This will provide plenty of chances and huge market all over the world. China is currently the biggest consumer of energy with the biggest HVAC, Refrigeration and Heat Pump industry. The China Heat Pump Conference offers an opportunity, where experts from different countries & regions could gather together and share their opinions on how to further develop and promote heat pumps. This will be of great significance to our sustainable development in the future.

The 1st CHPC was held in 2022 in Hangzhou China, with 700 participants from 10 countries & regions. As the international exchange has returned to normal in 2023 and heat pump is attracting increasing attention, the 2nd CHPC in next year will bring more participants from more countries & regions.

The 2nd China Heat Pump Conference (CHPC2024) will be held on August 27-30, 2024 in Shenzhen, China. The conference covers essential information on the latest technologies, market applications, policies interpretation and standards information in heat pumps.

Important Dates