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Organizing Committee


Prof. Qingguo MENG, CAR Executive Vice President


Mr. Didier COULOMB, IIR Director General  

Ms. Deonie LAMBERT, IIR Communications Manager

Mr. Jie DING, CAR Vice President, Dalian Bingshan Group

Prof. Xiaohu LI, CAR Vice President and Secretary General

Prof. Ercang LUO, CAR Vice President, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of CAS

Prof. Jianming TAN, CAR Vice President, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai

Prof. Xudong TIAN, CAR Vice President, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute

Mr. Qiang WANG, CAR Vice President, Moon Environment Technology

Prof. Hong XU, CAR Vice President, China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute

Secretary General

Prof. Huaqian JING, CAR Deputy Secretary-General

Important Dates